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I started sailing at the age of 18 after graduating from the Maritime High School Zadar and was gathering the necessary time to aboard a ship as a chief engineer. After gaining enough experience, I decided to study in Dubrovnik to become – the Captain.

After a long series of navigation, I decided to be a captain of a fishing boat because of the higher adrenaline, challenges, opportunities, etc. I sailed them for more than 5 years and then decided on a different kind of hurdle – to conquer the highest peaks.

I am a passionate vinyl collector and I make my own craft beer.



I am an Engineer in Marine Traffic with specialisation in Marine Engineering


Solo & Tandem Paragliding Pilot



Each of these challenges was unique and each changed me, but of all the summits I have conquered so far, the Matterhorn has left the biggest impact on me due to the technical complexity of the climb and descent.
I would also like to single out paragliding – those moments when you soar into the air without any motor drive and chase thermal currents, rise high above the ground, and stay alone with your glider and thoughts in the sky.
The maritime career was interesting (especially when I was on tuna boats) because you watch everything going on in the depths of the sea, plus you visit quite a number of ports and coasts (Ecuador, Panama, Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Guinea, etc.).
Now I am hunting for my dream of the 7 highest peaks (4 to go) …



Goddess Mother of the World – 8,848m – the highest peak in the world, above sea level.


  • Many still call the mountain by its traditional name – Sagarmatha – “Peak of Heaven.”
  • Weather must be on your side. Twice a year, in May and November, the wind is not as strong as usual and temperatures reach -20 instead of the usual -30 degrees, so it is still a little easier to reach the summit.
  • Due to the height of Everest, all climbers must acclimatize to get their bodies used to the lack of oxygen available at high altitudes. The procedure involves acclimatization by gradual climbing over several days or weeks. It takes approximately 40 days to summit Everest.


It costs around 40,000$ per person. The permit fee alone is 11,000$.

There is still time to support Den on his way up in April 2022